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Poultry Litter

Morgan Bulk Inc. can provide poultry litter by the bulk load or by the bag. Contact us today for pricing and delivery options.

Poultry litter is widely used on pastures and hayfields. There are many benefits when it is used wisely. Producers should use nutrient management planning and recommended rates to ensure poultry litter is used in ways that maximize its benefits without harming the environment.

Rice Hulls

At last! Rice hulls are now available in smaller sizes for gardeners and small growers! This natural, sustainable, and renewable alternative to peat, vermiculite, and perlite makes an impressive growing media when mixed with compost or your favorite potting soil. Drains well, and provides a good source of aeration and porosity.  Available in 6 cubic feet in 40lb bags.

Morgan Bulk, Inc. is your number one choice for sustainable plant production — and a whole lot more. This uniquely processed rice hull amendment is a readily renewable resource requiring no mining or land disruption to produce. As so many growers have learned, it is a perfect replacement for perlite in the growing media — providing a less dusty mixing environment, lower basic cost and decomposition over time, while remaining stable during the typical plant production cycle.