Poultry Litter

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Poultry litter is widely used on pastures and hayfields. There are many benefits when it is used wisely. Producers should use nutrient management planning and recommended rates to ensure poultry litter is used in ways that maximize its benefits without harming the environment.



Morgan Bulk Inc. poultry litter consists of chicken fecal excrement and a mixture of rice hulls, wood shavings, and other components such as feathers and soil.

Poultry litter is an excellent source for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also returns organic matter and other nutrients to the soil, which builds soil amendment and quality. Many studies presented in our resources section show the value of poultry litter as an organic and environmentally friendly soil amendment.

Poultry litter is a good source of many nutrients. In fact, it is much like a complete soil amendment containing not only primary nutrients but secondary and micronutrients (Table 1). The soil amendment equivalent is typically about 3-2-2 (N-P2O5- K2O); however, the actual nutrient content depends on the type of bird, what the birds are fed, the number of growouts before the house is cleaned out, the feed efficiency, and how the litter is stored and handled. More information on nutrient variability in poultry litter can be found in “Maximizing Poultry Manure Use through Nutrient Management Planning” listed in the Further Information section.